Welcome to My World

Prisoner Tower

And so we begin...

You each awaken in your own time, finding yourself in a cramped alcove with various bloodstained torture implements surrounding you. Your first thoughts are to the agony of your bound limbs hanging above your head and the gag in your mouth. As your mind gradually awakens, you are overcome with the realization that you do not know how you got here. When you can look around, you see two other monsters caged in their own niches.

There are stairs leading down in the middle of this room.

“Hello, Gentlemen,” says the young woman standing in the middle of the room. As this arrogant girl turns to eye each of you, she reminds you of a dangerous weapon ready to strike, with hooded eyes the color of burnished iron and fine, wavy, black hair worn in an exotic style. She is of medium height with a busty build and a risqué wardrobe.

“You are still alive for one reason, and one reason only,” she starts to assert.

“Err… Sonja? We have a probl…,” a man declares from a dark recess, before letting loose a shrieking lament of agony and pulled upward.

As she shoots you all a malevolent glare, she runs out of the room, quickly forgotten words of magic slipping from her lips.

Screams and wails can be heard from all around you. An explosion shakes the walls of your cells and in the moments after, all becomes silent…


Karynna Karynna

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